Our Approach

Autism Play Today's Whole Child Model©

Emotionality, Play, & Environment 

A nurturing foundation of development 

Through our 3 part therapy focusing on- EMOTIONALITY, PLAY, & ENVIRONMENT- 

Social Connection and Skill Development Thrive!



For children on the autism spectrum, the world can seem quite challenging and overwhelming- showing up in such ways as meltdowns, stress, frustration, stimming, repetitive behaviors, anxiety, rigidity, hyperarousal, and much more varying from child to child.


Whether your child is 2 or 32...at the heart of their learning is play!  Each of us are most inspired to learn when we are thoroughly enjoying what we are doing!  Makes sense right? ;) 

Whether it's learning social skills, strengthening fine or gross motor development, learning academic, self help, or life skills (and more),

play is what inspires your child's desire to learn!


Creating a therapeutic environmental space for your child to let go of fight or flight responses is incredibly valuable to helping them thrive with emotional ease. We want to help support you with the tools and strategies that will bring about the external, as well as internal, environmental changes needed to build a foundation of ease for your child and your family.

The interplay of Emotionality, Play, and Environment create a nurturing landscape of development for children as a whole.  They are supported in a way that works with them, in a way that works for them...While the whole family is supported each step of the way!