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(External & Internal)

Creating a therapeutic environmental space for your child to let go of fight or flight responses is incredibly valuable to help them thrive with emotional ease.

It is my pleasure to help support you in learning how you can surround your child in an ideal external environment that will help them feel safe, comfortable, and aid them in the sensory challenges which impact their everyday lives. Creating a nurturing space in the home, supporting school or therapy classrooms, and providing techniques to support you in the places you take your child, is fundamental in helping them come out of fight or flight response mode. This in turn creates a more balanced internal state where connecting and learning comes much more easily.

In addition to the benefits of an external environment, there is incredible value in supporting a child's internal environment as well. For many parents, this poses a great challenge. For Example: How can I get my child to eat new nourishing foods? How can I get my child to take their medications without a battle? How can I implement the biomedical treatment I'm wishing to carry out?  By teaching you techniques to support healing the gut and creating a more balanced internal experience for your child, I will support you nurturing and strengthening this very important aspect of their development.

I look forward to helping you and your child achieve the profound benefits of implementing both an internal and external therapeutic environment.

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