What to Expect

Method: Prioritizing Social Connection to Support Skill Development 

APT teaches you 4 Key Factors of Development:

WHEN- to teach according to your child’s emotionality, and how to identify ideal moments of learning and skill development.

WHAT- to teach based on your own unique child, their needs, and the skills that will support them develop in new ways.

HOW- to teach your child in a way that is intrinsically motivating and exciting- to encourage a stronger desire to learn new skills.

WHERE- to teach, and all the ways to surround your child in an environment that will help them thrive!

Through consultations and training sessions I work with you to understand your unique situation and the hopes you have for your child and family.  Using APT's Whole Child Model© as the foundation for development, and the 4 Factors of Development as the method of supporting your child- I help you identify the goals for your child that will help them thrive, and teach you how to reach those goals. 

APT Supports Skill Development In The Following Areas:

  • Communication & Language Development

  • Self Help Skills- toileting, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.

  • Social Skills

  • Academic Skills

  • Fine/Gross Motor Development

  • Handling Tough Emotions​ & Behaviors

My aim is to make each session manageable so that families are able to implement their learnings easily and right away. There is no need to fear a long list of goals, and an overwhelmed mind... Instead you can expect minimal and targeted goals that are catered to your specific child and situation. More is not more in this case...

Less goals at one time = more immediate impact for your child and your family. ​

I understand how incredibly valuable your time is, so with that in mind my goal is to share with you concrete techniques, wholehearted support, and a

clear path toward new developments for your beautiful child.

*APT's Whole Child Model© provides a FOUNDATION to creating the developments you want for your child. This is not a one size fits all therapy; and I love helping families find ways to integrate Autism Play Today's play-based learning into other therapeutic approaches they may be implementing with their child.