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Nice to Meet You


Kim Korpady

Founder of Autism Play Today™

Relationship Based Play Therapist

Autism Specialist

After years of working 1:1 with hundreds of families and their children- it became clear that the challenges that kept coming up for families were often happening because they were feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused with what direction they "should" go while trying to help their child...

I wanted to help families create more clarity, balance and joy, so as an antidote to the overwhelm, I started Autism Play Today™:  A method of giving parents a clear therapeutic FOUNDATION for their children, while receiving the support they need to create a more rhythmic and balanced home life... 

:-) With the added benefit of rediscovering playfulness in the process!

For over 17 years my work in the field of Autism has taken me from school settings, to in-home therapy programs, to working as an Autism Play Therapist, Group Teacher, and Global Education Specialist, specializing in relationship-based play-therapy. I am profoundly grateful for the honor of working 1:1 with over 500 autistic children and adults from all over the world, training parents and educators, teaching group workshops, and speaking alongside other passionate advocates at numerous autism conferences throughout the country. My passion is helping create ease and comfort for families and their children.  I believe wholeheartedly in each autistic individual, and my mind has been amazed time and time again by what is possible despite the challenges of a diagnosis.  I will be forever grateful to each child and family I have worked with, as their stories inspire me daily!

"When I first spoke with Kim, she provided so much peace for me. She made me feel capable and confident in fully supporting my son. She reassured me, and she had an inspiringly positive attitude about working as a team to help him thrive... As I acted on her advice, I saw my son begin to blossom, smile, play, laugh, engage, and trust me – it was a beautiful process."

~Kristin P. (ASD, Mother)

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