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Whether your child is 2 or the heart of your child's learning is play!  Each of us are most inspired to learn when we are thoroughly enjoying what we are doing!  Makes sense right? ;) Whether it's learning social skills, strengthening fine or gross motor development, learning academic, self help, or life skills (and more) play is what inspires your child's desire to learn!

Their delight and joy to engage with you and the learning at hand is strengthened through moments of play. My work with families customizes age appropriate learning for each unique child, using their abilities & interests to strengthen intrinsic motivation through PLAY.

Autism Play Today provides training to parents and educators on how to use  therapeutic play techniques, and 'play boosters' to achieve more joyful learning and an easier daily lifestyle with the child in their life. This is not a one size fits all therapy; as I love helping families find ways to integrate Autism Play Today's play-based learning into other therapeutic approaches they may be implementing with their children.

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