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Try It Out Technique: What to do when my child is STIMMING?

So often parents are left in the dark about their child’s stimming behavior...This very mysterious activity that our children do, doesn’t have to be met with confusion.

Next time your child is stimming, try Autism Play Today™️’s Stimming Shortcuts to help you navigate your child’s stim activity:

-Relatable Action: Share your joy in your child and their interests as they stim, by doing their stim alongside them.

-Offer & Observe: In my time working with children and adults across the spectrum I began to realized and become more aware that some children want to engage but physically they are challenged do so. By OFFERING an invitation to engage and then observing their response to this offer, we are creating a way to check-in with where they are in their ability and desire to connect and learn from us.

Children may be wanting to engage but can’t physically connect their bodies to express and show interest OR they may want to continue to stim- we won’t know until we offer. This Offer and then Observe method is a way of checking-in in the most respectful and honorable way by giving them an opportunity to connect or engage when physical or emotional challenges may be getting in the way.

-Allow Stimming: Many families are often told to STOP their child’s stim and because of this advise they try to get their children to move away from an incredibly self regulating, self soothing activity- the stim can help block out too much stimulation or provide stimulation when needed- because of this it is very helpful to our children. This will hugely support your child becoming more available and connected later when you are ready to teach.

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