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Amid Waves of Uncertainty- LOVE is a True Constant

Let’s take a minute and talk about helping our children Emotionally Align. Our children on the autism spectrum, like all human beings, thrive in the beauty of another reaching out to say ‘I see you’.

Emotional triggers and strong waves of emotion coming and going, are a part of daily life for so many diagnosed with autism.

Parents on this journey with their children are the true heroes...

As they reach out and say ‘I see you in this space of discomfort, or dysregulation’... As they act on that, by offering support to ease their experience- As they share daily acts of kindness... As they align with their children to help them work through the challenges they face.. saying I want the best for you...saying I love you.

If you as a parent feel overwhelmed trying to balance supporting your child through their emotional experiences- trust that the LOVE you have for your child is healing, that love is balancing, it is helping them more than you might realize! Your love is a TRUE CONSTANT in their life amid the waves of uncertainty.

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