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-Encourage COMMUNICATION- Invite your child to tell you the name of the sticker they want back on your face so they can pull it off again

For example: “Alright now help Mommy get the sticker back on her face by telling her which one you want back on!”... or you can try something like this- “Lets practice saying ‘COW’ together to help move Mr. Cow back onto Mommy’s face!”

-This Sticker Game is also a great way to encourage TURN TAKING for peer interactions, sibling play, and much more. For example: “All right Mommy’s turn to put a sticker on your face and pull it off... Now it’s your turn to put it on Mommy’s face and pull it off!”

-This is also a great game for PRETEND PLAY and GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT! You can encourage your child to pull a sticker off your face and then act it out themselves. For example: If your child pulls off a tractor sticker. You can say… “You just pulled the tractor sticker, let’s be farmers together and drive our tractors!“ Vroooom! 

-This is a great game for practicing ANSWERING QUESTIONS… For example: When your child pulls a sticker off your face you can ask them a simple question such as “Where does this animal live?” Or if you are playing this sticker game with your child’s favorite character stickers, and want to ask a more complex question, you could ask: “If you were this princess what would you do to help others?”

-If you have a child who is more conversational, this can be a great game to practice the skills of DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE. For example:  If your child is sitting across from you looking at your face with a few stickers on it you can ask them to describe the sticker they are looking at, this way you can guess which one they’re describing. A fun twist on a guessing game! 

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