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I deeply believe in the powerful impact a parent's dedication, advocacy, and love have on this journey, and that why I start by supporting you. For so many parents, life can feel incredibly overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting ...

But where to even start???

~Connecting through love and teaching through play~

is the simple, yet powerful mindset behind what I teach parents and educators in Autism Play Today's group trainings and personalized consultations. 

Through a Child Centered Approach prioritizing Social Connection & Play 

I help support your child achieve new developments-

meeting them where they are in each given moment.

I work with you, the parent to support all areas of development for your child. In turn creating a more balanced and easy daily experience for them and for your family as a wholeSocial skill building, meltdown support, stimming, dietary challenges, rigidity & inflexibility, self-help skill building, academic roadblocks, communication support... the list goes on and truly varies family to family. No matter where you are on this journey, it is my joy to support and honor your beautiful child by

connecting through love and teaching through play.

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Connecting through love... Teaching through


~Autism Play Today™

"It is a very intimate trust to fully follow someone’s guidance for the well-being of your child. It is not enough to say Kim is extraordinary, and a light in a challenging situation.  We could tell immediately her extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of autism and children with developmental delays.

She has given our family countless tools for engaging our son. She has a method of embracing those on the autism spectrum in a fully loving and supportive way. Through our entire process she has been warm, kind, patient, and has celebrated our son, which is contrary to our experience with other providers.

In receiving the initial news and expected outcomes for our son, we never imagined that it would result in an extremely close relationship with him, seeing him meet milestones with joy.  An incredibly beautiful and inspiring experience for my family where we have learned to fully embrace and celebrate him and each other - We fully attribute this to Kim. We will be forever and deeply grateful that our paths crossed in this way and for her commitment to us."  

~The Garcia Family

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